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Another hot tour going to the UK in 2011 is the American alternative band Kings of Leon, who first got business accomplishment from UK fans. Rulers of Leon has discharged statements saying the band is excited to return to the country that put Kings of Leon on the guide. The band will perform melodies from their latest collection, Come around Sundown, and also great Kings of Leon hits like Utilize Somebody and Sex on Fire. The Kings of Leon summer stadium tour dates keep running from May to late June.  Overall teen icon Justin Bibber is set to tour the UK interestingly. The youthful star propelled full-scale Bibber Fever with his signature haircut and tunes like Child. Bieber will promote his latest collection, My World 2.0. The vocalist is set to tour in March 2011. Another first time UK tourer, fruitful kid band The Wanted, will tour in late March and April. The Wanted first made waves in the mid year of 2010 with their raving success single, Unsurpassed Low.

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The pop princess Katy Perry will convey her California Dreams tour to the UK in the spring of 2011. First achieving acclaim with her scandalous hit I Kissed a Girl, the star has recently discharged a string of chart-toppers off of her collection Teenage Dream that incorporate Teenage Dream, California Girls and Firecracker cty pacific travel.  Celebrated internationally musical gang Bon Jovi will likewise be touring in summer 2011 with concerts at scenes, for example, London’s historic Hyde Park and the Old Trafford Cricket Ground. Another exemplary fan favorite, Sir Elton John, has six concerts planned for June 2011. An exemplary shake trifecta contained Journey, Styx, and Foreigner is going on a hurricane GB tour from 04 – 09 June 2011. Another blast from the past, hard shake/metal legends Iron Maiden, will tour the UK in late July and early August.  Country pop sweetheart Taylor Swift will light up UK stages in late March, delighting fans with signature hits like Tim McGraw and Romantic tale. The Grammy-winning vocalist will promote her new collection Speak Now.  At long last, the chart-topping R&B artist Ne-Yo will tour the UK in February and March 2011, promoting his up and coming collection Libra Scale.