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Guide Help You to Pick the Right Anti-Fatigue Mat

For many employees across different industries now, a normal workday means hours of standing up on hard work area surfaces. These long hours spent standing up have led to high injury rates, with cases ranging from simple body aches and pains to severe strains and sprains. To deal with this, employers just like you might have considered purchasing industrial or anti-fatigue mats which can help ensure your employees’ comfort while working. However, there is a Wide assortment of those mats now out in the market these days, coming in various sizes, makes, and made from different materials. This can easily bewilder anyone who is buying mats for their enterprise.

To help out, here are four basic guide questions you have to ask yourself before choosing and purchasing an industrial mat:

How resilient is the Mat, or how quicanti-fatigue mat healthcare singaporekly will it recover?

 To answer this question, we must first understand the concepts of resiliency and recovery in these mats. Resiliency and recovery are essentially the way the mat reacts to the weight and position of the person standing on it, and the comfort level of the stated employee. An excellent anti-fatigue mat arouses the leg muscles and increases circulation by assisting the employee assume subtle posture changes while on the mat.

When talking about Resiliency and recovery, it is not enough that the mat is simply soft. It is much like buying a mattress – if a mattress is too soft, then you will wind up with more body aches and pains when compared with a great, firm one. And your mat should not be too difficult, either, or it simply defeats the purpose of purchasing mats to cover up a hard surface.

Is the mat firmly attached to the floor? Needless to say, one reason why any sort of mat is set up is to help prevent people from slipping, tripping or falling. If your mat is not securely connected to the floor, rather than preventing people from tripping or slipping, it might even increase the risk of such accidents happening.

There are several various techniques to secure industrial anti-fatigue mat healthcare singapore based on the kind and make of the mat. For small and lightweight mats, double-sided carpet tape can work. Meanwhile, thicker, heavy-duty rubber mats normally have beveled edging so that individuals would not trip when they get off or on the mat. And for mats used in wet or slippery conditions, textured surfaces are essential to increase traction.